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I don’t use the words lightly but I can sincerely and gratefully say that working with Graham has been a transformative experience for me. As he advised as I started one-on-one sessions, my personal work and explorations required patience, perseverance, gentleness and care. I came to understand ‘feelings’ and worries in a way that I hadn’t (couldn’t have) understood before. Indeed, setting aside the ‘need to understand’ opened up chinks in the armour I had unknowingly enveloped myself in. This unfolding is taking me to a deeper and more fulfilling place than I knew existed within myself. I enjoy closer relationships and appreciate experiences for what they hold in new ways thanks to the personal work I have engaged in. I warmly thank Graham for his wisdom and insights as he challenged and guided me. Even false-starts and detours have their place when working with a master facilitator!

I commend interacting with Graham through individual or group work, and if you can give yourself the opportunity, at retreats providing ‘time out’ for deeper explorations. We, and through us, everyone we care about, are worth the voyage of discovery that working with Graham facilitates.

                                                           Neranjana A, Clinician 

I have experienced a new inner sensitivity that is free of judegement or time and allows me to feel rather than to think, creating an impresssive and often surprising harmony in many aspects of my life.

                                                                 Catrina S

I personally found this work very helpful and would highly recommend it to everyone.  Through feeling without condition we can begin to heal ourselves.

                                            Tyrone Smith, Bikram Yoga Teacher

Graham¹s practical approach to self-awareness and wellbeing has helped lead me to a much deeper sense of self, personally and professionally. As a guide, facilitator and friend, he gently coaxes out and uncovers possibility and what may be getting in the way. Don¹t expect to be rescued, don¹t expect an easy ride; it can get deeply uncomfortable.
Graham is forthright and confronting. But what you can expect is wisdom, compassion and a way through. For me, the rewards are immeasurable and ongoing. Thanks Graham.

                                       Cameron B. Media Professional.

It's hard to believe that I have spent so many days, weeks and months in silence over the years and not realized how much movement there is in stillness... or at least never given it the attention.  In just two days I've found what I've always felt was missing in my meditation practice - embodied awareness.

The clarity, simplicity and Truth in this practice has allowed me to engage at the deepest level without having that underlying sense that we're only partly hitting the spot.  Since I've begun exploring with you I feel I'm working with everything that's ever been important to me, and in an integrated way - for traversing ego-self and non-self, for the means to glimpse and Be the potential of consciousness/the field and to turn on its head, everything I've ever thought I've known.  These have sometimes felt like divergent endeavours and I've often had the feeling that whatever I'm doing, somthing else isn't embraced. Now I know there's nowhere else to look. It's just (!) a question of practice.

My gratitude for my good fortune is immeasurable.

             Victoria C-W, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Don't come expecting an easy ride - this may be just the start of a difficult and challenging journey, but one that will be so rewarding. Well structured in a safe environment where everyone is made to feel welcome and included.  Really provoking exercises and discussions - so very enlightening.  If everyone in the world commited to this work, the world would be a better place.

                                                          Jonathan M

Thank you Graham for your patience, dedication and friendship as you introduced me to a different way to manage my life.
The practical approach to explore connection has strengthened every area of my interaction with people and made me a more effective tutor.

                                                            Phyl B, Dyslexia tutor

I found your retreat to have been very revitalizing and unique.  As a psychiatrist so many of my patients get hung up on their story leading to a self revictimisation, by your gentle insistence on focus using the breath and movement you assisted us to tune into the healing power inherent in our bodies.  You moved us from a reliance on the word, which arises from the raionalising mind to the body which connects to the pre- and non-verbal truth.  What emerged for me was a trust in my bodily sensations as a more authentic messenger of how I treat myself.  I know I am my own guardian and while this shift is daunting for me becasue of a sort of torpor arising from laziness, helplessness and hopelessness in the face of chronological time, I want to learn and practice more.

I love the way that you were so CAREful, observant and disciplined with us all.  

                                                           Anne H, Psychiatrist