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What is Enigma?

Enigma offers a grounded, authentic approach to regaining an intuitive sense of who we are and ending the outer search for inner peace.


It imparts a lucid, practical, non-philosophical pathway to inner work and embodied self-awareness, inspiring and shaping a conscious, purpose-imbued life and restoring harmony to the relationship we have with ourselves and those around us and ultimately our intimacy with change and impermanence. Stillness, breath, movement and various forms of tactile, visual and proprioceptive interactions are used as entry points through which to realise timeless awareness and explore our sense of consciousness. This inner exploration initiates a shift in the fundamental paradigm that governs our perception and experience of ourselves and our world and encourages us to return to a state of inner, intuitive, felt-awareness through a journey that gently moves us from the conditioned idea of ‘who’ we should be to the ever-changing sense of ‘what’ we are. The nature of this journey changes as we change and can never be confined to a mere intellectual description or explanation.