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InnerSense 9-week Program

This Program is a structured, experientially-based self-awareness program that will run weekly for 9 weeks. The program will lead each participant through a systematic understanding of the fundamentals of internal awareness that, if pursued sincerely and correctly, will lead to a freedom of mind and a deep appreciation of what it is to be present and at ease with one’s life. It’s a program about self-discovery and living truthfully, openly and powerfully in the world without manipulation of others nor compromise of oneself.


The program will be run in small group format and will involve weekly sessions of 1.5hrs duration in which a topic will be presented and an exercise given, explored and discussed. You will not be expected to tell your personal story to the group and verbal participation, though encouraged, is not essential. If you have any hesitation working in a group, please speak to me directly so that I can further clarify the purpose and power of this mode of learning and allay any fears you may have of being exposed or vulnerable in any way. You are also welcome to speak to anyone who has attended group sessions in the past few years.


Each session will build on the previous session and the understanding gained will be largely determined by the willingness to adhere to a daily practice. The daily practice will change throughout the program and will (generally) involve two 20 minute sessions every day. Participation in the daily practice is imperative as is the cessation of alcohol and recreational drugs for the duration of the course. Any exception to this will need to be discussed with me personally prior to the course. 


Joining a particular course will be on a first-come first-served basis as the numbers for each program will be limited.


There will be enough information for the mind to be satisfied, but please appreciate that this is a practical, hands-on, experiential program to elicit actual change in the overall expression (mind, body and essence) of the individual. 


The program is open to anyone, so feel free to forward the information on to people whom you think may be interested to participate or put them in touch with me directly.


Last Program running from Oct - More dates coming for next year, make sure you are on our database for updates


To register interest or for more information , please contact Mandy at

Course outline for each weekly session will be 

made up of the following topics and exercises.

The Practical exercise for the session and focus for the week is in Italics. The essential daily practice will be different to this.


Week 1

Waking up to life-what is the point of inner awareness?

“How long will it take me to heal or feel good?”

Is it possible to change entirely?

    Initiating a direction of enquiry. Anchoring awareness in the body. Learning to focus, ’listen’ and ‘feel’.


Week 2

The 6 scenarios of childhood and their ensuing 

behaviours and consequences

    Entry into Breath-work and its nuances.

Initiating intimacy with our innocence.


Week 3

The nature of mind and why we suffer.

Thought and its relationship with physiological sensation

    Posture, proprioception and focus


Week 4

The nature of addiction and the insanity of addiction to thought. Storytelling and the victim persona.

    Observing the effect of the superimposition of accumulated thought on reality. Detaching from the content of thought.


Week 5

Resolving our own inner discomfort.

Attention and the spectrum of responsibility 

    What am I responsible for? The vibrational source of circumstance


Week 6

Freeing the healer.

Illness or ‘chronic’ discomfort as a temporary pathway for the flowering of consciousness and the innate ability to thrive.

    Responding differently to symptoms and attending directly to the body


Week 7

Self-awareness through relationship.

Relationship and the truth of what’s happening inside us.

    Am I feeling my feelings or someone else’s? Forgiveness and other corruptions of mind


Week 8

Time, now and the question Who am I and what is love?

Discovering our true purpose.

    Distinguishing thought, reality and Truth. Beyond the observer. The body as an interface for consciousness


Week 9

The beauty and power of thought, imagination and creativity

    Kindness, curiosity and the field of wisdom through self-discovery. Focus without a focal point.

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